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100% recycled PET bottles and roll-on deodorant dispensers by Bormioli Rocco: innovative materials and advanced technology
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(1888PressRelease) September 05, 2008 - The best calling card a company has is its products. This is certainly true of Bormioli Rocco, which for years has been a leading producer of packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, dietary and food industries. In particular the Plastics Division manufactures a host of products for the beauty sector, ranging from PET, HDPE, LDPE and PP bottles to PP and HDPE jars, accessories and a series of exclusive articles designed and produced to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our flagship products in this vast range are 100% recycled PET bottles for cosmetics and deodorant roll-ons, examples of the Group’s investments in the search for new low-impact materials, as well as its use of advanced industrial process technology.

100% recycled PET

Our Plastics Division was the first in Italy to introduce 100% POST-CONSUMER recycled PET: an environmentally-friendly material with a transparency that surpasses other similar products. These brilliant results are Bormioli Rocco’s concrete response to the demands of a market with a growing sensibility to environmental protection, in which consumers tend to favour products supplied in eco-compatible packs.

The know-how of our Plastics Division has enabled us to produce cosmetic bottles made of 100% recycled PET which have the same mechanical properties as virgin PET bottles, and similar transparency. Furthermore, the numerous possibilities for decoration mean that pack glamour need not be sacrificed for the sake of the environment.

That is why an increasing number of companies use recycled PET cosmetic bottles produced by Bormioli Rocco. In some countries, this eco-compatible material is also used in the field of plastic food packaging. Thanks to the experience of our Plastics Division in terms of production technologies, accumulated documentation and testing, not to mention its expertise in recycling processes, samples and finished products can be delivered in minimum time.


Bormioli Rocco deodorant roll-ons are easy to use and integrate leading-edge technology. The Plastics Division manufactures roll-on dispensers using a system that reduces production times and optimises resources. The ball, housing and cap are assembled in a single process and then compression-fitted onto the filled bottle.

Available in two standard formats with a capacity of 50 ml, our deodorant roll-ons can be customised using additional processes such as heat decoration, silk screening and metallic coating. Furthermore, the Plastics Division can produce packs in various colours and with different levels of transparency.

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