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   Huizhou Jiahe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Huizhou, a famous city of Guangdong Province, and was founded in March, 2004.

   The Shareholders of Jiahe Industry started the research and sales of Chemical Fiber since 1997, and devoted on Recycling Resources to make great efforts and contribution to the global environment.

    After the establishment of Jiahe Industry, we still keep holding the Chemical Fiber Business Division, and founded Huizhou Jiahe Nonwoven Co., Ltd, Huizhou Jiahe Recycling Resources Co., Ltd, and Huizhou Jiahe Joint Sales Co., Ltd. We are now grouping up forward to found Jiahe Group.

    Huizhou Jiahe Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd, one of the branches of Jiahe Industry, mainly manufacture PET Nonwoven Spun-bonded Fabric and Nonwoven Stitch-bonded Fabric

   For the PET Nonwoven Spun-bonded Fabric, the material is 100% Recycled PET. Jiahe is the first company in China that manufactures Recycled PET Spun-bonded Fabric, and applied for Patent of Invention at Jan, 2009, which is still under audited.

    For the Stitch-bonded Fabric, the material is 100% Recycled PET as well. We own Five lines imported from Germany, and have Printing workshop and other processing lines like Flame Retardant Process, Dyeing Process, Coating Process. We are experienced in the Post Processing of Stitch-bonded Fabric, and set goals to the long-term development for Stitch-bonded Fabric Industry.

   Huizhou Jiahe Recycling Resources Co., Ltd, one of the branches of Jiahe Industry, recycles PET flakes, washes, and then manufactures recycled chips. We get good advantages on recycling, and have always been the setter of recycling trend. Now our specification of Recycled PET chips is getting closer to the one of Virgin PET chips. Jiahe now cooperates with and be permitted by many well-known enterprises around the world, making efforts to reach the annual turnout–100,000 tons.

   Huizhou Jiahe Chemical Fiber Business Division, one of the branches of Jiahe Industry, manufactures CFR 1633 Flame Retardant Fabric, Mattress Fabric, Fire Retardant Felts, Needle-punched cotton, and other Embossed, Printed recycled nonwoven fabric, etc.. We have two auto lines of Flame Retardant Fabric, import raw material from Japan, United States, or South Korea, etc., and now reach the annual turnout as 12,000,000 yards. With high quality, speedy delivery, we have gained a good honor as a company with Certificate of Good Credit and Abiding by Contract.

   Huizhou Jiahe Joint Sales Co., Ltd, one of the branches of Jiahe Industry, has an experienced and professional sales team around the world, and has Import and Export Licenses.

    All of our branches unite together, extend our global market, boost up our competition and the resistance of crisis, and lays a solid foundation for our bright future.

   Jiahe Industry keeps carrying on the Enterprise Culture of “Professional, Dedicated”, and the Management of “People-oriented”, standardizing the inner management systems, and consistently running for recycling business.

   Jiahe Industry has passed the ISO9001: 2000, ISO 1400, and other SGS Certificates.

   Jiahe Industry, the leader of Jiahe branches, with good passion and ambitious aim, is matching forward to be Jiahe Group.

    Jiahe is always holding a good will to contribute to recycling business for the next generation of human beings, and that’s why we found the “Jiahe Recycle Fund”, to make good returns for Environment.

Jiahe is a word means harmonious family. All the mountains look splendid when the whole Nation become famous, all the things go well when the family keeps harmonious. That’s the essence of Jiahe. Let’s move to the bright future together of Recycling Business!

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